John Howard Joint Venture Fund

Let us invest in your next deal

Joint venture with one of the UK's most experienced property developers today.

Are you a developer or investor who requires the funds to complete the purchase or development of a property project?

John Howard can provide you with the full finance required to purchase and carry out the development on your project, subject to due diligence.

You will also benefit extensively from John and his team’s vast experience and expertise when and where required.

Please complete the short form below, one of the team will review within 24 hours and get back to you with our feedback.

Please note: we are not looking to raise funds from private individuals; we are investing private funds into joint venture opportunities.

Ask The Fund to Invest in Your Property Deal

The fund invests money in other individuals’ property projects on a joint venture basis, whether the project is to be sold or retained as a long-term investment, and regardless of your level of experience.

From first-time property developers and investors to experience property individuals and companies,  we will consider any UK-based property with a purchase price between £300,000 and £3million. 

What Our Clients Say

“John and his team made our project happen. Without John's knowledge and experience, we would never have had the funding in place to get off the ground, let alone complete.”
“I now have the confidence to go out and find a development deal. I know if it is good enough, I have the backing I have always needed.”
“With 14 days before completion, my investors let me down. With no alternative funding in place, John's fund came to the rescue; this enabled me to complete on time.”

Let us invest in your next deal

John Howard can provide you with your much-needed finance on a joint venture basis, subject to your due diligence.

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