Season 3 of Property Elevator

Don’t Miss Season 3 of Property Elevator!

Developing a commercial property takes time, effort and a whole team full of qualified, knowledgeable professionals. An important member is the property analyst.

John Howard

The Property Graduate: Coming Soon

The Property Graduate 2021 is still currently in production, but when finished, it will be airing on the brilliant Property TV, SKY Channel 191. You don’t want to miss this!

Portrait of construction engineers working on building site

The Modern Building Surveyor

A building surveyor in the modern era isn’t just confined to condition surveys, diagnosing defects and all things building pathology although that is a building surveyors’ bread and butter.

Businessman hands connecting puzzle pieces representing the merging of two companies or joint venture, partnership, Mergers and acquisition concept.

How to make your Joint Venture a success?

Here are five things to remember to make your joint venture a success. Make sure you are fully informed before launching into a partnership, so take note of the following.

John Howard

Meet John Howard: The Man Behind the Money

Before entering into a joint venture agreement, you must do your due diligence. That is why I am introducing you to the man behind the money – me, John Howard!

Double Color Pawn Amidst Other Chess Pieces On Board

How do Joint Ventures work?

For aspiring developers and investors alike, you must read up and make sure you know exactly what a joint venture is and how they work. We’ve put together a quick guide to help.

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