Season 3 of Property Elevator

Don’t Miss Season 3 of Property Elevator!

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    The wait is finally over. After a very successful second season, Property Elevator is now back!

    Property Elevator Season 3 is coming to Property TV – SKY Channel 191 – and YouTube in September. It is something you don’t want to miss! The team and I had great fun filming the episodes, meeting all the wonderful property developers and, ultimately, striking great deals.

    But for those of you who don’t know, here is a comprehensive guide to what the hit show entails.

    What is the premise?

    The Property Elevator format follows five experienced property developers, also known as the ‘Property Angels’, as they look to invest in up-and-coming property projects. Budding property developers, therefore, get the chance of a lifetime to pitch their idea for potential financial backing, making their dreams in the industry become a pleasant reality.

    Each episode consists of various pitches, with the Angels probing for further information into what they are potentially signing up for in their deal. There can be some drama, but also banter that is sure to entertain! Throughout the season, we also hope to educate viewers on property development as a whole.

    Here is the trailer for you to get an idea of what to expect for Season 3:

    Meet the Angels

    • John Howard (Chair Angel)

    Being the Chair Angel of the show, my job is to ensure that the other Angels behave! All jokes aside, though, my goal within this entire series is to lead the discussion to present each story fully. Doing so is only fair to the Angels but also the budding developers who could potentially end up working with us further into the future. It also gives you all the context!

    Just a little bit about myself, though – I’ve been involved in the property industry for over forty years now. My love for it started at just age 10 when holding a tape measure for my father so he could measure up houses to market in our family Estate Agency. After leaving school at 17 to join the business, I eventually purchased my first property deal only a year later. Then, at 19, I took over the company and trebled its turnover within three years. Finally, it sold when I was 24, allowing me to focus on property development full-time.

    Since then, I’ve been able to purchase and sell over 4,000 houses, apartments, and developments within the UK alone. Although that figure may be impressive, not all have been successful. But that is exactly where you learn. Without failure, there is no success.

    You can learn more about me here: Meet John Howard: The Man Behind the Money.

    • Helen Chorley

    Helen Chorley has been slowly but surely forging her investment path of tireless due diligence and capital preservation for many years now. Due to her approach, she is highly in demand by countless cash-rich investors and developers alike, all keen to have her seal of approval. She is a well-known industry hyperrealist funder and intuitive when it comes to investment decisions.

    Helen is also a sought after speaker, writer and consultant, with one client – Oparo – recently completing a £78 million raise. She is a founding member of the inspiring Property Sisters UK community and lives between London, Malta and Bermuda. She even holds a master’s degree in politics, philosophy and economics from Oxford University.

    • Nicholas Wallwork

    Being an international property market commentator, investor, developer and mentor (as well as a fellow published author!) Nicholas Wallwork qualifies as one of the most leading, experienced professionals in the entire property game to date. As such, his inclusion as a Property Angel is almost a no-brainer! In addition, he has an extensive track record of working on successful projects.

    His “Redbrick” company has seen him working on a number of developments and investments over the years, all adding up to create a wide breadth of real estate knowledge. Nicholas has particular expertise in developing HMOs, micro-studio and co-living apartment blocks. He has also developed serviced apartments, assisted living, and Home Office run residential properties.

    • Paul Mahoney

    A passionate professional in every sense, Paul Mahoney believes property investment is a vehicle for absolute financial freedom. In Nova Financial, Paul leads a team of qualified professionals in delivering this financial freedom with property investment advice. They can comfortably guide clients through property investment, BTL mortgages and clear investment.

    Paul is also an acclaimed author (join the list!) of The Property Pension Plan, as well as being a great keynote speaker and property expert/commentator. On top of these impressive accolades, he is regularly featured on radio, TV, and leading publications. He presents at 20-30 events a year in the UK and abroad in his native Australia.

    • Ranjan Bhattacharya

    Last but not least, our final Property Angel is former management consultant Ranjan Bhattacharya. Ranjan started working in property back in 1990 but climbed his way up the property ladder where, in 2003, he got into the commercial side of things. Now he specialises in utilising permitted development rights to convert commercial buildings for alternative use.

    He looks to develop commercial properties for long-term rental yields but also dabbles in residential where possible. Ranjan helps other property developers and investors achieve financial freedom (similar to Paul) through property development and even runs a unique mastermind programme! He is well known on YouTube – you may already be familiar with him!

    Catch up on Season 2 now!

    Before you start watching Season 3, be sure to finish Season 2 to get fully up-to-date with the entire series! It’s free to watch here:

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