Making Property Work For You Property Seminars with John Howard

Making Property Work For You: Property Seminars with John Howard

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    Are you looking to invest in property but not sure where to start? Or are you jumping ship from investment into development without the proper advice? Maybe you want to expand your portfolio and need some extra tips? Well, to get that ball rolling, you will definitely benefit from my jam-packed Making Property Work For You Seminar – which has just recently been delivered. But, worry not as there is another date all lined up for you to book on 6th December very soon!

    Whenever I’ve done these seminars, participants always come out a lot more confident than they were beforehand, knowing an awful lot more to guide them on their way. It also gives them the chance to leverage off my experience in the property industry. Over the course of my 40+ year career, I’ve bought and sold over 4000 houses, apartments and developments. I’ve learned an awful amount about property in that time, and I am desperate to pass that knowledge onto new up-and-coming investors and developers. Doing so is essential for the future of this industry.

    Here is a quick sneak peek into what you should expect from the seminar:

    Where and how to find property deals.

    Sourcing the right property deals for you can be time-consuming and difficult. Perhaps you’re on a particular budget and can’t meet the criteria of a property in your chosen area. However, getting over this first hurdle is vastly underrated as it will be the catalyst for getting things in motion. So knowing what to look for relative to your situation is key to this whole process.

    There are plenty of different avenues you can venture down that will be helpful to the cause. An auction can throw up some gems, and dedicated property sources are entirely worth your time if needed.

    How to put a deal to go together.

    Property deals consist of pre-negotiated offers with a seller who has signed an agreement to sell the property at a negotiated price. You, therefore, need a strategy to get the best deal.

    At the end of the day, you’re here to make a profit. Achieving that can be easier said than done. Those who are naive or inexperienced usually get the short end of the stick, but this can be avoided entirely if you put the time and effort into learning the ins and outs of the trade. You also have to be smart and savvy to ensure good deals.

    How to deal with estate agents and letting agents.

    It can either go completely right or horribly wrong. But it is best if you work in tandem with the estate and letting agents so that the entire process goes smoothly. Gaining their insight and trust will see your properties do well in the market. So form a working relationship.

    How to work successfully with builders.

    The same can be said with builders. Being completely transparent with them and seeing that every criterion is met will go a long way towards your ultimate goal in property. You must agree on everything with them beforehand in a contract so that both parties succeed.

    How to source funding for your projects.

    There are a million and one different ways to secure funding for your project. However, it all depends on what type of project you are commencing with. Is it an HMO? Dwelling? Residential or commercial? Whatever it may be, there are plenty of different loan options to source funding. 

    Common pitfalls to avoid.

    In my experience of the past four decades, I have become witness to plenty of roadblocks that have needed shifting. During that time, though, I wished I had known what I was getting myself into. And this is exactly what I’m trying to prevent for others with these seminars. 

    An example you may experience for yourself is assumptions. That property which seems too perfect to be real, most likely is. So don’t snap it up until you view it for yourself.

    What to do when things go wrong.

    Say you’re truly in a mess and a deal has gone bad; where should you go next? Well, one thing you should know is that you must remain professional and calm at all times. Don’t worry if a problem has occurred with the property. Think about the long-term, not the short-term.

    The property game can be tough and hard to navigate at times, but with more and more experience, you will be completely fine and prepared.

    Book in for my other seminars!

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    And don’t forget about my Joint Ventures.

    If you would like more information on our joint venture agreements, please get in touch today. Send your queries to, and we will reply as soon as humanly possible. We hope to hear from you in due course and greatly welcome your interest!

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