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Meet John Howard: The Man Behind the Money

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    Before you get involved in any form of a joint venture, you must do your due diligence to understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into. After all, it is your money and your future on the line. Losing any of that on the back of a bad business decision could be catastrophic.

    That is why I have decided to introduce you to the man behind the money – me, John Howard!

    Transparency is vital to trust. You see it with big brands across the world. If they don’t disclose what goes into their products, customers won’t want to buy them. The same goes for a joint venture. If I don’t open up and let you in on aspects of my business, then you won’t feel confident in partnering with me – simple as that. So I’ll tell you a bit about myself for you to get a feel of who I really am.

    Property Development

    For over forty years now, I have been thoroughly engrossed and enveloped in everything property. This love for the industry started when I was just 10, holding a tape measure for my father so he could measure up houses to market in our family Estate Agency. After leaving school at 17 to join the business, I eventually purchased my first property deal a year later. Then, at 19, I took over the company and trebled its turnover within three years. It sold when I was 24, allowing me to focus on property development full-time.

    When I was 25, I became one of the youngest directors of a football league club when joining Cambridge United F.C. This is where I stayed for the next 18 years, eventually purchasing the ground and renting it back to the club along with my business partners. This was, however, an issue that became tinged with controversy.

    Over these many years, I have purchased and sold over 4,000 houses, apartments, and developments within the UK. Although that figure may be impressive, not all have been successful. But that is exactly where you learn. Without failure, there is no success.

    One of my most recent developments was the construction of 150 apartments on Ipswich Waterfront worth an estimated £27 million. This project was partly funded by the UK government via the Homes England scheme and has allowed me to add to such a wonderful part of Suffolk, a county I’m immensely proud to be based.

    However, my passion and drive for ‘smaller’ deals and developments truly distinguish me from the rest of my peers.

    There is no moving onto bigger and better projects each and every time. I know what works best, what I think is worthwhile and what it would mean for my business. Without these developments, I wouldn’t be as knowledgeable as I am now and certainly wouldn’t have such an expansive portfolio. It’s made me who I am today.

    Other Business

    Following on from my property career, I’ve been fortunate enough to appear regularly in the media. Property TV has been such a highlight, allowing me to feature on a variety of excellent shows. One such is Property Elevator, a revolutionary property programme where four panellists bid to secure funding and share the profits for their property projects. You can catch up on missed episodes here

    The National Landlord Investment Show has also been a great event that I have been privileged to speak at multiple years. It’s an opportunity to gain unparalleled advice, meet leading suppliers and network as well as share knowledge with your peers.

    On top of that, I often get invited to speak at numerous functions and seminars as a guest speaker, charity auctioneer and after dinner speaker. My most recent engagements include headlining at the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce business meeting and Auctioneer at the Conservative Dinner for Ben Gummer MP. I’ve also had appearances on Sky News, regional and national television, as well as interviews and opinions in the media.

    Gathering all my experiences and knowledge over the years, I have also written books where I offer advice on buying and selling property at auction, developing property and investing in property. They can be found and purchased here at my store or on Amazon.

    Finally, you may also know me from Property Summits – a panel show where I have been privileged enough to have joined four of the best minds in the property industry in speaking on a range of different property-based topics. It’s always fascinating and joyful when we get together.

    John Howard Joint Ventures

    When starting up the John Howard Joint Venture Fund, I had the primary goal of helping other inexperienced property developers and investors get their foot in the door. Everyone needs a start, and that is no different in property.

    These joint ventures allow me to invest in other investor’s property development projects. So whether you’re a first-time or even seasoned property investor, I can help provide that much-needed finance your property project is currently missing. Not only that, but you’ll also benefit from my vast experience and expertise whenever required.

    Work with me!

    For further information regarding the JH Joint Venture Fund, please contact me directly at, and a member of my team or I will be happy to reply as soon as possible. I encourage you to do your research and check out my other endeavours. We hope to hear from you soon and welcome your interest!

    Please note that we are not looking to raise funds from private individuals, but we invest private funds into joint venture opportunities instead.

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