Meet John Howard

Who is John Howard?

John is one of the most one of the most experienced property developers, traders and investors in the UK today, with over four decades worth of experience in the property industry. His proficiency stems from the purchase and sale of over 4,000 houses, apartments and developments with the UK.

With numerous property companies and an extensive rental portfolio, John’s experience is vast and includes traditional houses, hotels and large-scheme developments. Having worked in residential and commercial property for many years, John has formed many valuable partnerships with leading industry contacts, adding breadth and depth to his expertise and knowledge.

John Howard

An Experienced Property Developer

One of John’s recently completed developments is 150 apartments on Ipswich Waterfront. A £27 million development partly funded by the UK government through the Homes England scheme. 

In addition to the John Howard Joint Venture Fund, John has also launched the John Howard Bond, with the aim of providing high network investors with the opportunity to benefit from a good rate of return. You will find this listed bond on the European and Irish Stock Market, Euronext.

John Howard Bond

A Successful Author and Property TV Personality

As a best-selling author, John shares his knowledge and offers advice through his books spanning buying property at auction, property developing and property investment. He has recently completed his fourth book on property, which will soon be available on Amazon.

In addition to his writing, John is also a regular guest on Property TV (SKY 191) and a speaker at respected property events. He is also the co-producer and star on The Property Elevator and The Property Graduate. 

A Passionate Property Mentor and Expert Panellist with Property Summits

With a passion for educating and supporting less experienced property developers and investors through his UK seminars, John’s experience, passion and enthusiasm makes him the perfect joint venture partner. 

You will often see John as an expert panellist with Property Summits, providing high-value masterclasses and panel debates for property investors, developers and landlords alike.

Not only will you receive the funding you require to carry out your property development project, but John and his team will be on hand to support you every step of the way. 

What People Say

“John and his team made our project happen. Without John's knowledge and experience, we would never have had the funding in place to get off the ground, let alone complete.”
“I now have the confidence to go out and find a development deal. I know if it is good enough, I have the backing I have always needed.”
“With 14 days before completion, my investors let me down. With no alternative funding in place, John's fund came to the rescue; this enabled me to complete on time.”

Let us invest in your next deal

By applying for a Joint Venture with us, you will be partnering up with experienced property developer John Howard. 

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