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The Property Graduate: Coming Soon

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    Coming straight to your televisions soon will be a brand new show dedicated to finding the UK’s next top property developer!

    The Property Graduate 2021 is still currently in production, but when finished, it will be airing on the brilliant Property TV, SKY Channel 191. It has been an idea of mine for a while now, so I am incredibly excited to share this news.

    What does The Property Graduate have in store?

    From applicant to finalist, one entrant will remain out of twenty to receive their chance of a lifetime. By demonstrating know-how and potential within the property development industry, the winner will be awarded the opportunity to form a property company with me – John Howard, the show’s creator and judge!

    They will receive 50% of the shares and twelve months to source a potential development for us to invest in. A total of £1 million will be made available for the purchase of the site, with a further £1 million to help fund the development if need be. However, it needs to be an excellent investment for me to do so. Profit needs to be made, after all!

    The Road to Success

    The process of becoming the Property Graduate 2021 is split up into three parts spread out over the course of four weeks. Each stage is as follows:

    • The Interviews
    • The Challenge
    • The Deal

    Although applications are now closed, read on to find out what has been happening behind the scenes. And, what you’ve got to look forward to!

    After completing the written applications forms, successful applicants were requested to produce a short video of themselves explaining why they should be the Property Graduate 2021. With so many applicants, we created a shortlist of 20 lucky entrants.

    It then all began on 14th June! Our potential Property Graduates were then invited to attend the first day of filming, allowing us to whittle down the numbers to just ten. Two weeks later, these ten were back to battle it out. Each contestant was asked to analyse a single property deal within an hour. This task allowed us to assess their thought process and creative vision when they presented back how and why they would proceed in a certain way. Of course, we were also looking at their ability to produce a net profit after all the costs and interest, with the aim of making as close to 30% returns as possible.

    From their efforts in this task, our final three was selected! And, these three were with us filming the finale of The Property Graduate on 12th July. So, they were asked to prepare a potentially investable deal for me to assess for the last task. However, this deal does not necessarily need to be the deal I end up investing in. Instead, this project aims to help me decide who has the overall property developing potential for me to partner with. The winner will be crowned The Property Graduate 2021.

    Who is joining me in this venture?

    Along with all the applicants, there are five judges – Fiona Talbot, Helen Chorley, Nicholas Wallwork, Paul Mahoney, and myself.

    Fiona has been growing her property company for over two decades now. Starting with around £4,000 to her name, she has now built a significant balance sheet of over £20million. Fiona now advocates value investing principles as a means of growth. She is looking for value creation or improvement in deals while protecting any potential downsides.

    On the other hand, Helen has been forging her own investment path of tireless due diligence and capital preservation. Due to her approach, she is now in demand by cash-rich investors and developers alike, all keen to have her seal of approval. She is a well-known industry hyperrealist funder and one of the Angel Investors alongside me on the ‘Property Elevator’ TV series.

    The applications are, of course, now closed. But they will open back up when the next season arrives. So keep your eyes peeled and watch this space for further updates!

    If you would like more information on our joint venture agreements, then please get in touch today. Send your queries to, and I, or a member of my team, will reply as soon as possible. We hope to hear from you soon and welcome your interest!

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